Domain-Specific Languages in Industry

Modeling virtual platforms

  • The Device Modeling Language is a domain-specific language for creating fast functional transaction-level virtual platform models.
  • In use at Intel.

Modeling engineering information with AutomationML

  • AutomationML is a comprehensive XML based object-oriented data modeling language. It allows the modelling, storage and exchange of engineering models covering a multitude of relevant aspects of engineering. AML provides a comprehensive set of flexible mechanisms and innovations to model today‚Äôs engineering aspects as well as future engineering aspects to come. Its language characteristics allow to model existing or new domain models.
  • The AutomationML consortium comprises over 50 partners from academy and industry.

Modeling device interfaces with OPC UA

  • The OPC UA information modeling framework turns data into information. With complete object-oriented capabilities, even the most complex multi-level structures can be modeled and extended. This framework is THE fundamental element of OPC Unified Architecture. It defines the rules and base building blocks necessary to expose an information model with OPC UA. While OPC UA already defines several core models that can be applied in many industries, other organizations build their models upon them, exposing their more specific information with OPC UA.
  • The OPC foundation comprises over 900 members from academy and industry.