Model-Driven Architecture

MontiArcAutomaton is an architecture and behavior modeling framework that is semantically grounded in the Focus theory of interacting stream-processing functions. MonitArcAutomaton provides an integrated, platform-independent structure and behavior modeling language with an extensible code generation framework. MontiArcAutomaton’s central concept is encapsulation and decomposition known from component & connector architecture description languages. Its quintessential focus is modularity: from the straightforward extension of its modeling languages, to highly reusable architecture models and their parts, to an easily extensible code generation toolchain. MonitArcAutomaton is an extension of the MontiArc 3 architecture description language and has been integrated into MontiArc 4. It has been applied in a variety of domains, including automotive, manufacturing, and robotics. Find out more at the MontiArcAutomaton website.

The following presents selected publications that present research results relating to this project. More are available from personal website at the Chair for Software Engineering.

The complete list of publications is available from my publications website.