Software Language Engineering

Identifying or engineering appropriate languages for the various activities in software and systems development is one of the most important issues in Software Engineering. Programming and modeling languages are still subject to improvement. In various domains, it is appropriate to employ Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) to enable non-software developers to specify properties, configuring their systems, etc. in terms of established domain concepts and corresponding language elements. With increasing digitalization, we expect a growth in DSLs and increasing efforts in their efficient engineering, integration, and composition. But designing DSLs is challenging, because, on one hand, they need to be precise enough for being processed by a computer and, on the other hand, comprehensible by humans. The monolithic design of a language can already benefit from methods for language engineering in the small including design guidelines and tooling. Therefore, we conduct research on the systematic engineering [BPR+20] of (domain-specific) modeling languages and reusable modeling language libraries [BEH+20] leveraging concepts from component-based software engineering [Wor19] and software product lines for a variety of different domains [BW21].

Selected Publications

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