Low -Code Universal Setup Environment for OPC UA

Efficient industrial communication is an essential prerequisite for flexible reconfiguration and resilience in Industry 4.0. To this end, companies and industry associations have been relying on OPC UA since 2008. However, the configuration and commissioning of OPC UA clients, servers, publishers and subscribers requires IT expertise, which is rare and expensive. This makes the use of OPC UA a significant cost driver, especially for SMEs, and prevents them from successfully participating in the digital transformation of industrial manufacturing. As a result, our business location loses a lot of potential that can be unlocked by enabling SMEs to use OPC UA. To do this, it is necessary to reduce the gap that exists between the expertise of industrial domain experts who want to deploy OPC UA and the informatics expertise of experts who can put OPC UA into operation. In USE, we will develop model-driven low-code concepts, methods, and tools that close this gap for popular OPC UA use cases so that domain experts from SMEs are also empowered to use OPC UA efficiently.

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